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Going Bongo

Produced by Ernest Napoleon

Directed by Dean Ronalds

Starring Ernest Napoleon

Emanuela Galliussi

Cinematography by Leslie Bumgarner

The official trailer for the feature film, "Going Bongo," about an American doctor who mistakenly volunteers to work in a hospital in Africa for one month. 


Directed by Leslie Bumgarner


A commercial for the European clothing company Charmante.

The Race

Directed by JD Ramage

Starring Trent Rowland

Daniel Weiss

Cinematography by Leslie Bumgarner

Two rival athletes prepare for an upcoming race that will settle once and for all whom the fastest runner is.


Directed by JR Curry

Starring Jake Lawson

Cinematography by Alan Vidali

With the health of his daughter declining, David gets involved in a deadly round of cards.  Desperate, he'll do whatever it takes to win.

Silent Voices

Directed by JR Curry

Starring Marianne Bourg

After confronting memories from her childhood, Lucy comes to terms with her troubled past.

The Red Envelope

Directed by Justin Voskian

Starring Nicole Christie

Amy learns of the tragic fate of her apartment’s previous tenant and the reason behind the repeated arrival of red letters in her mailbox.

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